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Making Headlines.
VectorizeMove chosen to be one of 36 laureates from 10 countries by YEI France

Q1 2020

YEI France

20 February 2020

The municipality's incubator helps VectorizeMove to success

Halmstad Community

14 December 2019

VectorizeMove wins Swedish Embedded Award as the enterprise for best contribution from Swedish companies

Swedish Embedded Award, Svensk Elektronik

4 November 2019

Walkbeat wins Swedish Embedded Award 2019

Elektronik i Norden

4 November 2019

Walkbeat is awarded Year's Top Innovation by Halmstad University at Halmstad Business Gala

Halmstad Business Life, HH Innovation

31 October 2019

Tonight's big winner is VectorizeMove who won home awards in two categories


31 October 2019

VectorizeMove is awarded Year's New Digital Company by Digit1 & HMS Industrial Networks at Halmstad Business Gala

Halmstad Business Life

31 October 2019

Siddhartha Khandelwal, CEO VectorizeMove is crowned this year's SKAPA prize - Sweden's largest innovation award, from Halland

Länsstyrelsen Halland

24 October 2019

VectorizeMove now aiming for European market

Q4 2019


21 October 2019

VectorizeMove wins Best Traction Award 2019 at national finals

Q3 2019

VentureCup STARTUP

24 September 2019

VectorizeMove wins Best Traction Award, JCE Accelerator Award and Public's Choice Award in one night, in the regional finals

Q2 2019

VentureCup STARTUP

20 May 2019

IVA's 100 list of 2019: from knowledge to competitveness

Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences

19 March 2019

VectorizeMove receives Vinnova Innovative Startup - Stage1 grant

Q1 2019


12 March 2019

Innovative horse technology


18 December 2018

Service that analyzes the horse's gait is awarded


15 December 2018

Research on walking style is awarded

SverigesRadio Halland P4

13 December 2018

Company sprung from Halmstad University is one of the 20 best business ideas

Halmstad University

11 December 2018

VectorizeMove helps both horses and people

Q4 2018

VentureCup Sweden

5 December 2018

Innovator who wants to make a difference


30 September 2018

Finding new ways to treat mobility disorders

Q3 2018

Chalmers Innovationskontor

28 August 2018

New Halmstad technology will reveal diseases

SverigesRadio Halland P4

13 June 2018

Your walking style reveals how you feel


22 May 2018

Your walk talks

Halmstad University

17 May 2018

How you walk shows how you feel

Q2 2018

17 May 2018