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Walkbeat Health

The new standard for gait analysis

1 out of 6
risk developing mobility issues during their lifetime

Neurological disorders and stroke is leading causes of disability worldwide. Continuous monitoring of walking behaviour (or gait) is needed to detect early signs, follow progression, conduct interventions and evaluate treatment outcomes.


Gait assessment is subjective, time-consuming, needs a trained clinician and is restricted to a corridor. Until now.

Walkbeat Health is the world’s first easy-to-use tool to 

accurately analyse gait anytime, anywhere

It can be used in any environment, such as clinics, home or outdoors,

for issues ranging from orthopaedics, post-stroke rehabilitation, mobility disorders, clinical studies and sports injuries, among others.


Measure in


Attach a sensor to each leg and start walking. Data is streamed seamlessly to the cloud.


in real-time

Gait endpoints such as rhythm, balance, symmetry, gait quality index and stride paramaters are extracted and analysed using advanced algorithms and AI.

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Remote results

Analysis is displayed on any web/mobile device with user-friendly design. In addition, Walkbeat portal gives advanced tools for healthcare personnel.


The Walkbeat Health System

Communicative, remote care

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Walkbeat Monitoring Technology,
makes it easy to follow patients remotely in a daily life setting.


In the Walkbeat portal, healthcare providers can communicate with patients, interpret data and create reports as a basis for diagnosis and record keeping.

One platform, multiple applications

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Tool for
clinical studies

Universities, Medical devices companies, CROs and Pharma.


Real-world evidence for clinical studies, medical platforms, data banks and further research.


Sports injuries
and performance

Track and field, Team sports and Daily living.


Improving performance training and reducing injury/rehab cycles.


Cognitive-related disorders

Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis etc.

Decision-support tool for continuous monitoring, evaluation, intervention and remote care.

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Mobility impairments

Post-stroke impairment, Orthipedic issues etc.


Decision-support tool for continuous monitoring, evaluation, intervention and remote care.


Easy to use, real-world monitoring

Just attach the sensor to each leg and start walking.

Robust, comfortable, light-weight sensors (<20g)

Setup time: 1 minute, plug and play

High scalability with the possibility of real-time monitoring

Based on 7+ years of cutting-edge research on walking patterns. Walkbeat follows the direction

of other standard tools, from the discovery of digital biomarker to real-world applications.


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